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How it works

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Start bidding — there’s no cost to join, and you only pay if you win an upgrade.

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Follow the leaderboard to see where you stand throughout the auction. Once the time is up, the highest bidder will be awarded an upgrade.

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Winners are notified directly through the app and issued a new boarding pass. Sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy the finer things in air travel.


The first live auction for seat upgrades

SeatBoost brings the exciting dynamics of a live auction to the airline upgrade process.

It’s win/win for fliers and airlines

Airlines receive help monetizing unsold premium seats at prices that fliers get to choose.

Make the most of your wait time at the gate

SeatBoost makes the process of bidding on flight upgrades fun and easy.

The first company offering live bidding for seat upgrades at the airport.

Fliers love us:

I used SeatBoost today to upgrade my seat to first class. Loved it, it was very easy to use just needs to be on more airlines!!

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