Laura DiBiase is a guest blogger for SeatBoost. She is a Marketing Specialist for Perfect Gym Software and a native born Angeleno. Laura recently relocated to Warsaw, Poland and loves it! She spends most of her time at the gym, on an airplane, or online shopping. She loves checking out new countries and we love following her adventures! Check out her guest blog below and follow her Instagram @deeeebss for a first-hand account of her travel adventures and epic photos!

Warsaw: to Dine and Drink

Partially due to the international wave sweeping through Warsaw, the cuisine and dining experience is flourishing. Not only does the city have two Michelin Star restaurants, but incredible eateries can be found for every type of cuisine.

Warsaw Foodie Culture

Polish Specialties

While there is no shortage of opportunities to sample traditional delicacies, the most notorious Polish restaurant, Zapiecek, is most famous for its Polish specialties of pierogies, sausages, and soups, like Zurek and Barszcz.

Arguably the most famous, and my favorite Polish delicacy, is only found at gas stations or convenience stores. Traditional Polish hot dogs elevate a fresh roasted kielbasa (Polish Sausage) by putting it in what I can only describe as baguette bread pocket.

Then you get to add whatever sauces and garnishes you please, including ketchup, mustard, garlic sauce and something called Belgian sauce, which I still can’t properly explain, but just trust me when I say it’s life changing.

The Best Pancakes in the World

One of the most beloved restaurants in Warsaw, and every other major Polish city, is the famed Mr. Pancake. This retro themed restaurant with its fitting motto “F*** Diet” is known for creating pancake dishes out of dreams. For example:

Patrons have the option to make their own unique pancake with any combination of countless toppings, or can stick with professional recommendations from their specialty pancake menu.

Warsaw Goes International

Some other awesome new wave bistros and gastropubs include Aioli (Italian), Shipudei Berek (Middle Eastern Fusion, Mezze) Tel Aviv (Vegan, Kosher), or Banjaluka (Balkan Food). To try the best of everything Warsaw has to offer, head to Hala Koszyki, which is a three-story market hall with international food stalls, bars, and shops that attract all types of local and tourist crowds.

Another specialty cuisine that is bursting into Warsaw’s foodie scene with a handful of excellent restaurants is a food type I did not know existed before moving here: Georgian (the country not the state). Georgian food feels like a distant cousin of Middle Eastern-style cuisine: similar food types, but with unique and dynamic flavors and spices I have not tried in any other type of food.

The two most famous appetizers are undoubtedly chachapuri, a literal bread boat baked with Georgian specialty cheeses and egg, and Khinkali, Georgian traditional dumplings filled with meat or cheese and broth. Some of the best Georgian restaurants in Warsaw include Rioni Restauracja Gruzińska and Chmeli Suneli Restauracja Gruzińska.

Diet Friendly Options

Given the traditional Polish diets reliance on dense meats, dairy, and different variations of bread, one of the most surprising things about Warsaw is its seemingly endless delicious options for Vegan or Gluten-Free friendly foods.

Warsaw was actually rated by HappyCow as one of the top 10 most Vegan-friendly cities in the world due to its 47 vegan restaurants within a 5 miles of the city center. These options include Edamame Vegan Sushi and Krowarzywa Vegan Burger, which consistently rank as highly as their non-vegan counterpart restaurants.

Craft Brew Scene

Warsaw does have more to offer than concerning amounts of vodka to accompany every meal. In recent years, Poland has joined the ranks among the worldwide craft beer scene explosion. Warsaw has particularly welcomed the barrage of barrel aged ales and lagers with open arms. The city boasts over a whopping 25 craft beer bars within its borders and isn’t shy when it comes to showing off the craft of the country at its craft beer festival held every spring and fall.

Some hometown favorite breweries include:

Browar Artezan

Same Krafty

Kufle i Kapsle

Regardless of your diet or preferences, the Warsaw foodie scene has something for everyone. But seriously, get the pancakes.