Tips To Pack Your Suitcase Like A Pro

If you have trouble packing an organized suitcase, you came to the right place. Packing can be a difficult game of tetris and it can be tough to fit everything you need because of space restrictions and the ever changing baggage rules. Below we have some tips to help you utilize and organize every inch of your suitcase!

  1. Roll your clothes, don’t fold them. Picture how you would roll up a poster, nice and tight. This was the best piece of advice we received from a college roommate who had to fit 6 months worth of study abroad gear in one medium sized suitcase.
  2. Lay out everything you think you’ll need then walk away.
    Come back with a fresh mind and review your choices. Plan out each of your outfits instead of packing random “just in case I need it” pieces. Check the weather and include pieces that are versatile and can be worn with multiple outfits.
  3. Invest in travel size toiletry bottles and a dedicated travel toiletry bag. Refill with your larger bottles at home. That way you can easily bring your everyday products with you and stick to your regular hygiene routine.
  4. Utilize the inside and outside luggage pockets. Pack smaller shoes like sandals in the outside pocket, placing soles together (the bottom of your shoes are extra dirty). Pack undergarments in the inside pocket. Also, utilize the space inside your shoes to pack smaller items (think socks or jewelry pouch).
  5. If you’re having issues fitting everything, try vacuum seal bags. Use them to shrivel your clothes into a tiny bundle that will take up minimal space. Just beware of airline luggage weight restrictions. Even if  an item takes up less space, it doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t weigh your bag down. You can also try packing cubes – these will help you stay extra organized. They come in all different shapes and sizes to fit whatever bag you are packing. Be sure to pack the bottom of your suitcase first (space between the roller bars) then stack the cubes on top. Every inch counts.
  6. Never put essential items in your checked bag – think medication, one clean outfit, and essential toiletries. Always plan for the worst case scenario. What if your bag doesn’t make it on your plane, or even worse – your bag gets lost and you won’t have it for a day or two. Instead be prepared and have what you really need handy.

We hope these tips help you pack with a piece of mind for your next adventure!