6 Ways To Stay Fit While Traveling

We love to travel but know that it can be tough to maintain your regular routine – and stay healthy – when you’re away from home. There’s more temptation when it comes to eating and drinking, your sleep schedule often gets thrown off, and it can be tough to stay active. But, if you follow these tips below, it will help you stay on track, even while on the road.

  1. Ditch the car and explore by foot. Pack your sneakers and whenever you can, walk to your destination. You’ll get some fresh air and burn some calories. Get tips about the local area from your hotel concierge or Airbnb host.

  2. Take a local fitness class or find a good hike. If your travels take you to a different time zone, try to get this done first thing in the morning, as daylight helps reset your internal clock. This will help you feel awake, refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

  3. Rent a bike. More and more cities are rolling out bike-share programs making it easily accessible. It’s a great way to explore a city while staying active.

  4. Hit up the grocery store instead of eating out for every single meal. In a new city, temptations are all around you and while you should certainly indulge and enjoy the local cuisine, you don’t want to go overboard. Tip: oatmeal, eggs and soup are easy things to make with a tea kettle or coffee maker.

  5. Take the stairs instead of the elevator – your backside will thank you. Everyone knows this is the better option, but you have to do it consistently for it to make a difference. It’s an easy way to keep your legs loose and moving.

  6. Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is key to staying healthy. When you fly, the lack of cabin humidity is extremely dehydrating so be sure to keep a reusable water bottle with you throughout your entire journey.

  7. Lastly, it’s important to get plenty of sleep. Sleep helps your mind stay alert and your body stay resilient. Try and go to bed at a decent hour, and make it a point to go to bed and wake up at the normal time you would at home – even if that means fighting the urge to take a nap upon arrival or waking up when you still feel exhausted.  Remember, sleep equals energy!

Keep these healthy tips in the back of your mind the next time you’re away, and getting back to your regular routine will be a little bit easier!