Kevin StamlerKevin Stamler – CEO – Kevin Stamler holds 3 degrees from the University of Arizona, and earned a J.D. from the Gould School of Law at the University of Southern California. Kevin is a versatile, and successful entreprenuer in fields of media, promotions and entertainment. Kevin owns multiple companies based in Los Angeles, including KSTAM Entertainment, and PowerHouse Entertainment. Both are rapidly growing, highly-profitable firms that develop ad-hoc promotional opportunities for various corporate clients, professional service firms, educational institutions, restaurants and nightclubs. He is responsible for organizing, strategizing, marketing and producing some of the largest and high-profile events in Los Angeles. Kevin invented SeatBoost from scratch, and in his current role Kevin inspires and leads the team of talented principals, consultants, and vendors who have roles with SeatBoost.

KarlHeadShotB&WKarl Goetz – CTO – Karl oversees all technology for SeatBoost. He manages both client and server sides including integration of data with the airline platforms. He is responsible for a team of designers, programmers, and developers to execute SeatBoost’s technology objectives. Karl majored in Quantitative Methods and Computer Science at St. Thomas College in Saint Paul, MN. and began his professional career as the M.I.S. Director for KEY Method, a medical software firm. In 2004, Karl founded Green Hill Road (GHR), a multi-media design firm serving commercial clients in a variety of fields. Since then, GHR has expanded its service offerings to include programming, data security, technical consulting, server architecture, cloud performance, as well as data scaling. Karl leads the technology team that is developing all technical and functional aspects of the server and client-side programming of SeatBoost products and services.

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