Because Class Matters & Now You Can Bid On It

SeatBoost is a mobile app that hosts auctions for seat upgrades.
Each confirmed passenger has the opportunity to participate in a live auction just before they board.

Confirmed passengers choose the number of seats they are interested in upgrading and begin bidding. That tedious time before boarding is transformed into an action packed auction. Boredom gives way to gamification as passengers interact with cool graphics to bid against one another. The SeatBoost Leaderboard displays the winning bids.
The highest final bid wins the auction and the upgrade.

SeatBoost Helps Airlines Maximize Revenue For Unsold Seats

SeatBoost keeps the upgrade offer open for hours, allowing time to reconsider.

Auction mentality takes over and bidders will want to “win” at any cost.

Consumers spend 50% more in an auction environment.

Passengers are empowered to choose how much they are willing to pay for an upgrade, resulting in satisfaction rather than resentment.

SeatBoost Engenders Brand Loyalty

The SeatBoost app is customized for each airline and will have the look and feel of your current app
SeatBoost bidders are having fun and smiling while staring at your airline’s logo.
Winning makes people happy so your customers will feel satisfaction when purchasing an upgrade.

SeatBoost Is Social Media Gold

SeatBoost’s “win screen” can immediately be shared to all social media outlets and automatically generates a hashtag or mention of your airline.
Winning bidders will want to brag about their upgrade to friends, spreading positive airline messages, and drowning out complaints.
Your airline can become a trending topic on FB or Twitter, for positive mentions.


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